The exhibition of the forum will be open on all days of the assembly.
  • January 16 - 19
  • from 08:00 till 20:00

Medical Decision Support System

The booth informs visitors about the new stage of digitalization of healthcare in Moscow - the launch of a medical decision-making support system. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the components of the medical decision-making support system, to learn about what benefits it will bring to doctors and patients.

Capital Nursing Community

The booth tells visitors about new high-tech developments, hardware solutions, but the most important thing is about expanding the role of the most popular and numerous profession in medicine - the nurse. The guests of the booth will learn how nursing is developing, thereby improving the quality of work in narrow specializations, and will study the principle of partnerships “patient-nurse”.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

New healthcare facilities in Moscow

Offices of the pediatrician and general practitioner

Offices of doctors in the clinic (adult therapist and pediatrician) equipped with an automatic workstation for a doctor (WS of a doctor) will be demonstrated at the booth.

Oncology. New approaches

You can get acquainted with the algorithms for prescribing drugs for the treatment of cancer, prevailing in the structure of the incidence in Moscow at the booth. And also to learn the routing scheme of patients with suspected or detected cancer in Moscow with a detailed description of each of the five stages.

In addition the artist Maxim Goshko-Dankov will paint a picture with significant objects of Moscow, and visitors will paint it at the booth in real time. After the Assembly, the picture will be presented to children with cancer who are being treated at the Morozov hospital.

Digital patient

An interactive hologram about ongoing projects in the field of digitalization of Moscow healthcare, namely, how information gets online into an electronic patient chart: notes and appointments of doctors, information about diseases and prescribed treatment, results of professional examinations, discharge epicrisis, analysis results, instrumental diagnostics, research data, information vaccination in schools and kindergartens, electronic recipes.


The stand presents modern scientific and practical capabilities of otorhinolaryngology at all stages of the provision of medical care to the population.


Familiarization of the Assembly visitors with the opportunities to demonstrate advanced healthcare developments and charitable / social programs of VTB Bank to support doctors and develop the medical infrastructure as a whole.

Sberbank Ecosystem

At the stand, visitors will get acquainted with their own developments and solutions of the Sberbank Ecosystem in the field of medicine, which are aimed at improving the quality of services in medical institutions and facilitate the work of medical workers.

Innovations in medical equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals

The main idea of the booth is to demonstrate innovations and development prospects in the field of medical equipment, diagnostics, as well as new developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Laboratory diagnostics

The main idea of the booth is to demonstrate a single network of laboratories that works for the benefit of the patient. The booth will host the presentation of the brand "MOSCOW LABORATORY". The motto of the booth is efficiency, affordability, quality. Educational work will be held at the booth for medical staff and for the end consumer - the patient as well.

Moscow infectious security

The main idea of the booth is to demonstrate the readiness of the city of Moscow to receive patients with infectious diseases, including especially dangerous diseases. The booth presents modern exhibits and equipment in the field of bioprotection, as well as research and development of specialists who make it possible to protect the Moscow population against the threat of the spread of especially dangerous infections.

Moscow donor

The main idea of the booth is to promote gratuitous donation in medical organizations of Moscow state healthcare system. Acquaintance with the features of the Moscow Health Department Blood Center. Recruiting new participants to the organization of the Moscow donor movement. Information on new and relevant projects conducted by the Moscow Health Department Blood Center. Creation and introduction into the media and SM of the image of a donor as a Hero that saves the lives of completely strangers.

Ambulance and emergency medical service

The main idea of the booth: The stand informs visitors about the specifics of the Moscow ambulance and emergency medical service - work at high speed. Visitors will be clearly demonstrated how in a few minutes Moscow doctors save lives thanks to innovative technologies and their professionalism.


PENTAX Medical is a Japanese company, one of the market leaders in endoscopic medical equipment for many decades. Founded in 1919, the company currently has a global network of research and development centers in Japan, Europe and the USA. In addition, it maintains a wide network of sales and service centers of presence around the globe, trying to provide every doctor with access to Pentax technologies.

The main priorities of the company are quality, clinically significant innovations, ease of use and accessibility of endoscopy solutions.

At the booth

  • equipment demonstration
  • patient information section
  • master classes (magnifying endoscopy, optical and virtual chromoscopy; Endo ultrasound; bronchoscopy; ORT)

    OLYMPUS booth

    OLYMPUS is the world leader in medical endoscopes. The Olympus Medical Systems department focuses on improving the quality of medical care. This ensures due to the development and design of leading advanced clinical high-precision technologies and world-class services. Our products allow medical professionals of a wide range of specializations to carefully study the patient's body from the inside using endoscopic procedures. Thanks to this, medical professionals can see and do much more. Focusing on early detection and minimally invasive treatment of a wide range of diseases, our joint mission is to improve patient outcomes, reduce discomfort and speed up the recovery process. Our innovative technologies and services are also able to optimize the workflow and maximize operational efficiency.

    At the booth:

    • equipment demonstration “Medical endoscopy”;
    • demonstration of equipment “Surgical endoscopy”;
    • 3d hologram

    MEDTRONIC booth

    Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions that improves the health and lives of millions of people. We believe that our clinical, therapeutic, and economic expertise can help solve the complex problems that families of patients and healthcare systems face today, such as rising costs, aging populations, and the burden of chronic diseases. Founded in 1949 as a medical equipment repair company, Medtronic is now one of the world's largest companies in the field of medical technology, services and solutions, employing more than 90,000 people worldwide, interacting with doctors, hospitals and patients in more than 150 countries. More information can be found on the website Medtronic.ru

    The equipment is demonstrated in blocks at the booth:

    •  Endoscopy
    •  Surgery
    •  Anesthesiology
    •   Hemodialysis
    •   Diabetes
    •  Cardiology

    R-PHARM booth

    The R-PHARM Group of Companies was founded in 2001 by Alexei Repik. Today, the group of companies is a leader in innovative health technologies in Russia. R-PHARM operates throughout the Russian Federation, in the CIS countries, the USA, Germany, Japan and in dozens of other countries

    R-Pharm specializes in research, development, production, commercialization of high-tech medicines, laboratory equipment and medical equipment.

    At present, the R-Pharm group of companies is actively diversifying its business and is striving to offer comprehensive solutions for the domestic healthcare system:

    • R-PHARM is the official representative of FUJIFILM in Russia. The agreement, which implies a full range of services for the sale, promotion, marketing and servicing of diagnostic X-ray systems and endoscopes, was signed as part of a comprehensive business collaboration between companies in the healthcare sector.
    • R-PHARM conducts a number of joint projects with the world leader in diagnostics based on the Next Generation Sequencing method, Illumina, and is the company's exclusive representative on the Russian market.
    • The R-Pharm strategic partnership agreement with Canon Medical Systems Corporation provides for the transfer of technology and the organization of local production of Canon medical equipment in Russia.
    • - The agreement between R-Pharm and Oncimmune Holdings gives the group of companies exclusive rights to launch the product for the early detection of lung cancer EarlyCDT Lung to the Russian market.

    At the booth:

    • express laboratory in which a biochemical analysis of capillary blood of all visitors will be performed. Results of the analysis will be provided in 5-8 minutes from the moment of collection
    • rapid ultrasound analysis. The capabilities of high-tech portable ultrasound equipment will be demonstrated here
    • demonstration of films about the capabilities of mammographs and endoscopes
    • acquaintance with promising scientific developments of R-Pharm and its partners, in particular, technologies in the field of genome sequencing

    Medical library

    PHILIPS booth

    The main idea of the booth

    Implementation of the Philips main global strategy on the “health continuum” - a new approach to all processes in the company, which are based on constant and comprehensive care for human health throughout all stages of his life.

    Demonstration of the components of the "health continuum" on a visual example of a Moscow family - residents of a metropolis in the areas of "healthy lifestyle", "prevention", "diagnosis", "therapy", "aftercare".

    The unifying transitions between the “zones” of the health continuum as an illustration of the idea that a healthy lifestyle will take longer for residents of megacities, if they devote some time to prevention, early diagnosis and timely detection of diseases.

    Demonstration of the availability of quality modern medical care in Moscow.

    Healthcare of the future is available today with Philips.

    Health palette

    Medical startups

    At the medical startups booths innovative projects will be presented that have become the best in the competition of biotechnological startups. The competition was held by the Skolkovo Foundation and Bayer. Guests of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with high-tech equipment and the latest developments in medicines for women's health, the treatment of cardiovascular and ophthalmic diseases, as well as malignant neoplasms.

    Nicholas Christakis: The Sociable Person Survives: the Evolutionary Origins of Modern SocietyNicholas Christakis: The Sociable Person Survives: the Evolutionary Origins of Modern SocietyNicholas Christakis: The Sociable Person Survives: the Evolutionary Origins of Modern SocietyNicholas Christakis: The Sociable Person Survives: the Evolutionary Origins of Modern SocietyNicholas Christakis: The Sociable Person Survives: the Evolutionary Origins of Modern Society

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